So what is it like to work with me? Here are some comments from my former & current clients.

“Achieved my goals”

I did the post-natal workshop with Kaman and found it invaluable in my recovery.  Kaman’s combined knowledge of exercise and nutrition meant a stronger, fitter body than if I had not had her expertise.  Her knowledge of health and well-being is always up-to-date, as well as being aware of the current research and thinking on exercise.  Small groups alongside one-to-one attention meant correct implementation of exercises. Her no-nonsense approach helped me achieve my goals.

Jane, Mother of 3, Dublin

“Challenged me to think beyond my limitations” 

“To call Kaman merely a physical trainer is an understatement. She is an innovative, highly skilled fitness professional-a individual who takes the time to get to know her clients and understand their long-term objectives, current abilities & limitations, likes/dislikes, eating habits, etc..and creates a program that keeps you interested and coming back for more. Kaman has challenged me not just physically, but mentally…to think beyond perceived limitations I thought I may have has…and helped me conquer that fear which has long prevented me from reaching my goal weight. Thanks to her, I am stronger, and healthier, both physically and mentally. No amount of words can ever express how significant her presence in my life has been-she has changed me forever.”

Sheelpa, NBC Universal

“No one session is alike!”

“Kaman is an excellent trainer. I like how she assessed strengths and weaknesses. Then Kaman designs a whole program to address them. She is a great coach and big supporter. I appreciated the results I got working out with Kaman.”

Julie, President of Kaimen Co.

“Cutting edge of the fitness industry”

“Kaman has a great wealth of experience in many different types of fitness from yoga to boxing. She is skilled at creating plans to build strength, endurance, and flexibility. She has great attention to detail and clear commitment to continuously learn new techniques. Kaman has consistently been on the cutting edge of the fitness industry.”

Heather, Morgan Stanley

“Newfound confidence in my body”

“Training with Kaman was one of the best things I ever did for myself. From the moment I first sat down with her to discuss my fitness goals and dietary habits, I knew she was going to be a balanced, motivating trainer. Over the 6 months I worked with her, I converted 7 pounds of fat to muscle, went down a size and most importantly, strengthened and toned muscles that I had been ignoring for years. Kaman is a wonderfully balanced trainer – she knows when to push you and she knows when to modify an exercise to make sure you keep increasing your strength and improving. Thanks to her, I feel comfortable and confident in my body.”

Lauren, Analyst

“Results were amazing” 

“Kaman is much more than a trainer; she has extended her education in physical fitness to really understand the body and muscle structure. Kaman has the ability to spot weaknesses and correct them through new and innovative techniques. (just ask her about TRX) The program that she created for me was precise, with majority of all exercises engaging my core. The results were amazing. Thanks to Kaman I am stronger, healthier, and more in tune with my body than ever. I know my abilities and limitations, when I can push it and when I should back off. “

Russ, Trader

“Mind-body connection”

“Kaman is a smart trainer; she is highly responsive to your individual abilities and considerate to your physical needs and goals.  Kaman recognizes and respects the mind-body connection which shapes her training and as a result she delivers better workouts.

Kaman has helped me improve my overall health, by which I mean strength, endurance, muscle tone and outlook in a short amount of time.  She taught me the fundamentals of boxing, Tabata, TRX, and general strength training.  I feel more confident when I go to the gym now and have the knowledge to exercise for my needs in a more efficient way based on what Kaman taught me.  With Kaman’s guidance and leadership, I achieved my goals and continue to improve my overall fitness.  I highly recommend Kaman if you are looking to change your state of fitness for the better and achieve the goals you have set for yourself.”

Kiersten, Saks 5th Avenue

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