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#StayHome Fitness Classes

April 16, 2020

Workout classes, you can join from the comfort of your home so you can maintain your fitness and feel connected to your fitness tribe.

To inquire about Zoom classes, please e-mail me Join on ZOOM

🐾Animal Flow: Animal Flow is a floor-based workout using animal-inspired moves-coupled with a number of bodyweight disciplines for a fun fresh energising workout. It brings together the best from dance, yoga, and strength training to give you a dynamic new workout.

Get comfortable on the ground using only your body! No mat needed!

📍Mobility Flow: Develop maximum body control, flexibility, and useable ranges of mobility. This class will work on increasing your range of mobility through Functional Range Conditioning and then a flow sequence will be created to maximise on this new range of mobility using Animal Flow.

Featured, Services

2020 Mobility Class Times

December 31, 2016

New Animal Flow Class and Masterclass Time:

Animal Flow is functional movement class that recruits your entire body for strength. Mimicking Animal Movements and using the floor as your only equipment, you will use every muscle you have to move. By linking one movement to the next you create a seamless flow.

Animal Flow in Strive Studio has 4 classes weekly. On Wednesday at 11:00am, we have a Mobility Flow class (a combination of Animal Flow and FRC), Thursdays 7:30 Animal Flow, and Saturdays at 10 am for Beginner Class and 11am for Intermediate Flow. 

Private Personal Training, Corporate Events, Family Private Sessions, Mobility Assessment, and Animal Flow Instruction also available.