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Strive Studio

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Advice on how to fight the dreaded flu.


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Three weekend fitness and health supplement to get you hitting those 2017 goals.

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Fun classes to try in Dublin




Want to learn how to shift belly fat? Here is the abbreviated answer to this hot topic.


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This 2016, make it the year to eat better. Here are 12 Healthy Eateries paving the way with more to new places popping up this year. Since the article has been published, Staple Foods have moved to 24a Grattan St., conveniently located near Form School. Pilates and Healthy Eating? A win-win.

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In this day and age, how we measure success has gotten a bit out of hand. It’s no longer just about who has a better job, or a nicer car; with the rise in social media, measurements of success have seeped into every aspect of our life. Here is my guide to a More Happy, Successful you.


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Who among us doesn’t love sweets? The sweet flavor releases serotonin in our brains, the chemical responsible for our sense of well-being and contentment. But when it comes to sweeteners, not all are created equal. Here is a little short cut for the better for you sweeteners.


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The body is an amazing source of intelligence. It is always there for you, pumping blood, never skipping a heartbeat, digesting whatever food you put in it and maintaining homeostasis. Is this reliable, intelligent bio-computer making a mistake by craving ice cream or a hamburger or chocolate?


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Bone broth contains a source of minerals, like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium, in forms that your body can easily absorb.


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Animal Flow was created by Mike Fitch during his personal journey into bodyweight disciplines. Animal Flow is a combination of his experience with gymnastics, Parkour, hand balancing, circus arts, breakdancing, and traditional progressive body weight training.

PS. Group classes are now happening on Tuesday evenings at Twirl Dance 83 Camden St., 2nd floor. Dublin 2. Private Sessions are also available. To inquire or book, click here.


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We are probably all feeling the colder weather and darker evenings of autumn draw in these days, but there is an upside: the opportunity to adjust your recipes to include some delicious seasonal food.



There’s a tendency, when faced with an illness as threatening as cancer, to disregard the power of nutrition, with a full focus on traditional treatments. While this is normal, and nutrition alone won’t be enough, looking after your diet as your body endures the undesireable is of great importance. Here, nutritionist and holistic health coach Kaman Ryan talks us through this key yet often overlooked part in any cancer patient’s recovery.