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Your New Year Resolution Here.

January 7, 2015
How to pick a trainer

January is one of the busiest day for gyms, it’s the day many start their New Year resolution to get healthier, skinnier, stronger for the year. Many can jump onto it carelessly and end up injuring themselves. The best way is to start slow and not burn out if you have never consistently maintained a fitness regime. Also consider hiring a personal trainer whether it’s just for a few sessions or a few months. A trainer can show tell you if you have any imbalances in your body, what your weaknesses are, and how to hit your goals.

How to pick a trainer? The majority will pick trainers by sex, physical appearance, personality, and price. Other factors you should be aware of when choosing a trainer; are they knowledgeable of the anatomy, the functionality of muscles, and joints? Are they passionate about what they do? What do they specialized in, and is that in line with what you are looking for? If they are training you at your home, are they insured? Are they punctual?

Once you find a trainer you like, try a session and test them out. The trainer should go over your medical history, help you determine your goals and give you a plan on how they plan on helping you achieve it.

Be wary of trainers that are just drill sergeants because you can jeopardize yourself and get seriously injured. Look for a trainer that motivates you, and pushes you to try harder without the injuries. For those that are unconditioned and haven’t seen the inside of the gym since last summer, it’s the slow and steady that will prevent injuries.

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